Wurrumiyanga on Bathurst Island is the largest community on the Tiwi Islands with approximately 2000 people. Facilities include two small supermarkets, a take away, a clinic with nurses and a permanent doctor, a police station, a child care centre, a Catholic primary and secondary school, a garage and a Catholic church.

There is an inter-island ferry connecting to Melville Island and Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti, and a freight barge comes from Darwin twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The small airport is serviced by two companies, Fly Tiwi and Kakadu Air, and flights are daily from Darwin.

There is a club open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 to 7:30, light beer only. No take away is allowed and photo ID is required.

Aerial photo of Wurrumiyanga town and Air Strip. Google Maps 2023.

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