Animal Health

Tiwi Islands Regional Council sponsors a visit by the vet at least three times a year. The vet treats dogs and cats with sterilizations, treatment of mange, tics and worms, as well as the general health of the animals in each community.

A Vet Consultation Fee of $50.00 is required from each responsible dog owner prior to any attention being given by the visiting vet. The vet will visit each community on a needs basis, so all requests for vet services need to be directed to mobile 0488 559 304 or in writing to


A new consult fee of $50 now applies.

If you need your animal(s) seen to by the vet, we at Tiwi Islands Regional Council need to know this, before we arrange a visit.

Tiwi Islands Regional Council hope to bring the vet over in late April, so if you need your animal(s) attended to, do the following:

  • Visit your local Regional Council admin office and pay for your animal(s) that needs to be seen.
  • Take your receipt and do not lose it


The vet will only be arranged if there is sufficient number of animals to be seen – so please spread the word around your community.

If a visit is confirmed, TIRC will announce it, so you can do the following:
  • Present with your animal(s) and your payment receipt to the vet
  • Your animals(s) will receive attention