Notice of Special Meeting

DATE: Friday the 10th of February,2023
PIACE: Wurrumiyanga Council office Boardroom.
AGENDA: The purpose of the meeting is to consider a Report to Council in relation to the
recruitment of a Chief Executive Officer.
a. This meeting is being convened at the direction of the Mayor.
b. The Report will he dealt wíth ds confidential business under Sectìon 293(7) of the Local
Government Act 2079 and Regulation 57 (l) (ø) of the Local Government (Generøl)
Regulation 2027 as it contaìns informøtion ahout the employment ol a partícular
indìvidual ds ø member of the støff or possible member of the stuÍf ol the councìl thdt
could, iÍ publicly disclosed, couse prejudice to the îndivíduol.
c. The confidential report will be made available prior to the meeting.