Approved Policies

Policy 01 Policy and Procedures Framework
Policy 05 Council Records Management
Policy 06 Uniform Policy and Procedures
Policy 08 Borrowing
Policy 09 Use Of Council Common Seal
Policy 10 Privacy
Policy 11 Risk Managment
Policy 13 Financial Delegations
Policy 14 Corporate Credit Card
Policy 15 Travel and Accommodation Delegation
Policy 16 Smoke Free Workplace and Community Areas
Policy 17 Higher Duties
Policy 19 Staff Housing Allocation
Policy 20 Councillor and Local Authority Chair ICT
Policy 22 Casual Vacancies on Council
Policy 23 Go School Go Pool
Policy 31 Council Code of Conduct
Policy 34 Caretaker Policy

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Reviewable Decisions

The Local Government Act 2012 sets out the principle role, functions and objectives of councils. Part of the role of council is to act as an informed and responsible decision maker in the best interests of the community.

As part of council's open, responsive and accountable governance some decisions made by councils are reviewable. A reviewable decision is one that an adminstrative review committee will review if a community member brings to council’s attention a substantial reason as to why the decision should be reviewed.

A reviewable decision may include a correction to the rates assessment record (section 154 of the Act). For example, a community member may request a correction of the rates record due to an incorrect allotment number.

A reviewable decision can also include a request to council to reconsider a regulatory order (section 196 of the Act). A regulatory order is an order from council for a community member to take specific action to do something, or stop doing something. For example, council may require action to reduce the number of dogs kept on a property. This decision is reviewable upon the community member’s request.

A person may request in writing the suppression of their personal details from publicly available material (section 201 of the Act).