Local Authorities

Under recent legislation, the Northern Territory Government has established Local Authorities. Local Authorities are designed to give communities more say in the long term plans and budget for their community, provide a reference point for community members to bring up matters that are important to the community, deal with urgent issues and act as a conduit to the Regional Council.

Local Authorities will consist of elected Regional Councillors from the relevant council ward and nominated community members.

The Tiwi Islands Regional Council is calling for nominations for the following Local Authority positions

Pirlangimpi Local Authority – Warntarringuwi (Sun) (Male or Female)

Applications close 31 January 2017

The Tiwi Islands Regional Council will appoint ordinary members to three Local Authorities (Wurrumiyanga, Milikapiti & Pirlangimpi) to voice the opinions of local community members & to advise Council on Local Government issues in your Local Authority Area - including policy, planning, budgeting, expenditure & senior staff appointments in the area.

To apply to be a member of the Local Authority, you must live on the Tiwi Islands, be on the Electoral Roll and have filled out, signed & lodged an Application/Declaration Form.
The Council Office Manager is your contact person for forms, help & lodgement of the form as shown below

Wurrumiyanga (Nguiu & Wurankuwu)
Nunuk Andayani
P. 8970 9531 (office hours only)

Alice Williams
P. 8978 3958 (office hours only)
M. 0429 602 791 (office hours only)

Patricia Brogan
P. 8970 9603 (office hours only)
M. 0428 680 264 (office hours only)


Nomination Notice

Application and Declaration Form
Information Pack 1
Information Pack 2